About Me

Hello and Welcome!


So here you are… at this leaping off point in your life. Or perhaps all is well for the most part, but for some reason, here you are. I am ready to listen deeply, and I have an idea that you are ready to be heard on a genuine level. Whether you’re ready to toss off the layers of a heavy load, or want to move from good to fabulous, I would be honored to help. 

I am Lynn of the Hamster Wheel, or at least I used to be. Do you know this hamster wheel of which I speak? The one in your mind, the one you hop onto and think the same thoughts over and over again? And nothing seems to change? The thoughts we think shape our lives, our perspectives, our bodies, our health, so it’s important to untangle the web of thoughts that once woven, define the edges of our life experience. We start the unravelling when we can express ourselves out loud to someone who is truly listening in a safe environment.

Each of us holds the innate wisdom that can free us from our limited thinking and steer us into alignment with our true selves. We know the answers to our problems and challenges, but sometimes we lose access to this wisdom, to our intuition. When we are not in alignment with our true selves, we can be anxious, depressed, hopeless, angry... and over time, this can lead to chronic illness. Coaching, when done in a way that empowers you to find your own inherent path, empowers you to find your way each time you lose your footing. Since your way is not the way of any other person, it is important that you follow your own path instead of following a prescribed recipe. 

I like to think of life as a river, flowing toward a sea of ease and understanding. As kids, we jump right in, go with the flow, get out, and jump right back in again. But as adults, we start to limit our thinking, attach meaning to events, acquire mindsets from various places… and we find ourselves fighting the current, swimming upstream or to precarious places, sometimes under water. The ‘flow’ of life now feels dangerous. Or we may find a safe eddy, away from the main current, where we think it’s safe, and we may slowly spin here for quite a while until we notice we can’t even feel the ‘flow’ of life anymore. This is where my journey back to health started, in such an eddy. I was so tucked away in the eddy of my mind that I couldn’t feel life any longer. It’s hard to know which direction to go when you can’t feel the flow. I would love to help you feel your way back home again.

Besides coaching and compassionate listening, I offer Reiki sessions. Reiki is rejuvenating on all levels- mind, body and spirit. A deep level of relaxation can open the body and mind to healing at a higher intensity. From a relaxed state, we can feel the flow of our bodies and our lives. At the present moment, I am enrolled in Wayfinder Life Coach Training (© 2019 MARTHA BECK, INC.), an eight-month training program that emphasizes the tools that bring the client back into alignment with their essential natures and to finding their own solutions to life’s problems.